In today’s world, you simply can’t deprive your business of usability testing. You need to know whether or not your product is working. The only question is how will you go about it?

I offer flexible means to suit your budget and threshold for certainty. We can go in the lab and set up eye tracking, or we can go guerilla and just grab people off the street or from the mall and have them sample our app or site from a laptop.

I’ve performed more usability tests in more forms than anyone I know—on everything from websites and mobile apps to tablet applications and ATMs. Clients commission usability tests as components of larger engagements or may simply bring me in to conduct a study. In all cases, I emphasize the actionable—and I just love uncovering those findings that boost your bottom line.

Here are the tools of my usability trade:

  • Remote usability tests
  • Laboratory usability tests
  • Guerilla usability tests
  • Eye tracking
  • A/B testing