Today, the most important consideration for product designers—aside from delivering a user-endearing, undeniably delightful experience—is to be hyper-aware of context. When we work, you’ll find I’m constantly crosschecking to balance success in all settings and usages. I continuously ask: “Where will the product live: a smartphone, a tablet, an ATM or a laptop? And does it need to integrate with any brand experiences in-branch or in-store? ”

My cross-functional approach focuses on bringing the best of all disciplines—design, programming and strategy—into our collaboration. Every aspect of my process is agile. My choice to work in Axure enables us to fine tune wireframes dynamically and even create html prototypes that we can test as we go.
Having a Senior UX maven who knows product design as part of a wider UX strategy can be a huge benefit to your team.

Context is everything. Here’s a little on me.

  • I bring a strong sense of layout and visual hierarchy.
  • I’m fluent in Web and software development technologies.
  • I’m hands-on from years’ sketching and iterating prototypes and wireframes
  • Name a form factor or a device—I’ve created user-centered design for it.