I hear this question from prospective clients almost every day, “How can you possibly find the time to address UX during the agile process?” “Quite well,” I always answer. I’m one of the rare professionals that can help you leverage the benefits of UX in the agile context as you research, design, refine and iterate your way to success.

I help coalesce your team around agile UX goals. My background and experience enables me to get close to your development team—and I’m a Certified Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO), to boot. Years’ of experience as a UX consultant have made me adept at helping Product Owners optimize value for their customers—and revenue for their organizations.

Most importantly, I can help you overcome the cultural challenges that come with implementing agile UX. I gel well with the players, I know the process, and most importantly, I’ve done it successfully many times before.

I offer help where Agile UX seems hopeless.

  • Building your team using leading edge Scrum methodology
  • Identifying and measuring business value on the fly
  • Creating a system for backlog development and grooming
  • User story development
  • Implementing UX/agile integrated methodology
  • Instilling the values of agile in your organization